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Monday, October 25, 2010

Clean Coal Technology Might Just Give A New Green Outlook To The Coal Industry

In a brand new article in the Resources Section, Environmental Expert, Gilda Martinez, discusses the growing development of the aptly termed "Clean Coal" technologies that are reshaping the future of Coal in modern industry.

Here is a Excerpt from that article here:

Clean Coal Technology - Why We Need It So & When Will We Have It?

Beingin, China, Sunday 10th of October 2010 32 people are killed in traffic accidents along roads that have become almost invisible due mainly to the heavy smog and fog in urban China’s overly polluted air. The largest contributor to that polluted air is by far fly ash, a residue generated by the combustion of coal, which is China’s single biggest source of solid industrial waste and, one of its gravest problems.

The purpose of this article is to draw attention to how much is being done in the development and implementation of Clean Coal technologies. With these emerging technologies it may be possible to prevent more situations like the one mention above from happening again elsewhere. An examination of how the use of Coal as a fuel affects the environment, what the term Clean Coal technology really means, what Clean Coal techniques are being developed, and put into use today, and why it is so important for the health of both our planet, and the general population...

To read more about Clean Coal technologies, click here.

New Article in the Resources Section Discusses The Growing Need for Pollution Control in India

Here is an excerpt from the latest article posted to the Resources Section

India’s Booming Economy, and It’s Vital Need For Pollution Control Technology

By Gilda Martinez
Staff Writer

The rapid economic growth and industrialization in many developing countries is calling for a sustainable management of the natural resources. Despite the urgency of this problem, not many people are aware of this growing issue. Although great efforts are being done by many environmentally conscience companies in the developed world, this article will analyze problems and solutions, how increasingly industrialized countries, in particular India, are using the same tools to keep their air clean, how the governments have changed their focus, policy, etc to fix the problem and how these areas provide a booming market for providers of Industrial Pollution Controls, specifically Dust Collection and Liquid Filtration.

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