Monday, October 25, 2010

New Article in the Resources Section Discusses The Growing Need for Pollution Control in India

Here is an excerpt from the latest article posted to the Resources Section

India’s Booming Economy, and It’s Vital Need For Pollution Control Technology

By Gilda Martinez
Staff Writer

The rapid economic growth and industrialization in many developing countries is calling for a sustainable management of the natural resources. Despite the urgency of this problem, not many people are aware of this growing issue. Although great efforts are being done by many environmentally conscience companies in the developed world, this article will analyze problems and solutions, how increasingly industrialized countries, in particular India, are using the same tools to keep their air clean, how the governments have changed their focus, policy, etc to fix the problem and how these areas provide a booming market for providers of Industrial Pollution Controls, specifically Dust Collection and Liquid Filtration.

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