Thursday, November 4, 2010

Donaldson Company To Focus On Growth In Liquid Filtration

Donaldson Company, one of the largest players in the Industrial Filtration industry, announced this past week that it is making a number of strategic organizational changes to gain a larger share of the global Liquid Filtration market. Included among these changes, is the combining of the company's Industrial Hydraulic and Bulk Fuel sections, with its Engine Counterparts sections.

In addition to large investments that have been made to Donaldson's production, labs and personnel, Senior Vice President, Jay Ward is quoted as saying, “In addition to these investments, Donaldson has committed considerable corporate technology resources to the development of media, modeling, and testing”.

Clearly many in the industry, feel that the market for Industrial Liquid Filtration is poised for enstensive growth in the near future, leading many companies such as Donaldson to begin investing heavely into R&D, Marketing, and Production for this field.

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